In this comprehensive presentation, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, demonstrates how many Excel functions and features can be used to create adaptable and easy-to-maintain budget spreadsheets. David explains how to separate inputs from calculations, build out a separate calculations spreadsheet, create both an operating and a cash flow budget, transform filtering tasks, preserve key formulas, and more.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the use of the MONTH function to return the month portion of a date or month name.
  • Preserving key formulas using hide and protect features.
  • Learning how the Table feature empowers you to improve the integrity of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Building formulas faster by way of the Use in Formula command.
  • Using range names to streamline formulas and bookmark key inputs within a workbook.
  • Understanding why it’s worthwhile to build out supporting schedules to break down calculations used in budgets.
  • Improving the integrity of spreadsheets with Excel’s VLOOKUP function.
  • Building operating budgets quickly based on detailed supporting schedules that provide an audit trail.
  • Avoiding the complexity of nested IF statements with Excel’s CHOOSE function.
  • Accessing free downloadable budget templates that can be customized as needed.

Learning Objectives:

  • State the purpose of the Use In Formula command.
  • State what SUMIF returns if a match cannot be found.
  • Identify the data integrity improvement that the Table feature adds to VLOOKUP.