Pathway to Excel Certification Part 1 – Horizontal Financial


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The Horizontal Financial Statement exercise is designed to simultaneously impart Excel skills and reinforce Introductory Financial Accounting concepts. The exercise covers 34 different Excel concepts:

  • Using Go To feature to navigate
  • Inserting new worksheets
  • Deleting unneeded worksheets
  • Transposing data within a worksheet
  • Merging cells and centering titles
  • Autofit column widths and row heights
  • Wrap text within cells
  • Adding borders around cells
  • Bolding and underlining text
  • Using the Fill Series command
  • Using Freeze Panes feature
  • AutoFill Options command
  • Using the Ignore Error command
  • Future-proofing SUM functions
  • Comma style number format
  • Manually setting column widths
  • Creating drop-down lists with Data Validation
  • Maintaining Data Validation feature
  • Remove duplicates
  • Sorting data
  • Creating check figures
  • Using Conditional Formatting for feedback
  • ROUND function to round to nearest 1,000
  • Inserting rows in worksheets
  • Managing page breaks on printout
  • Changing print orientation
  • Using Page Break Preview feature
  • Setting print area within worksheet
  • Using SUMIF to look up values
  • Applying double-underline formatting
  • Applying single top/double-bottom border
  • Using Display Formulas feature
  • Using VLOOKUP to look up values
  • Creating a waterfall chart

Eight different accounting transactions are recorded:

  • Recording an initial issue of stock.
  • Recognizing one month of revenue.
  • Recording partial payment of accounts receivable.
  • Recording salary expense.
  • Recording rent expense.
  • Recording payment of telephone expense.
  • Recording a cash prepayment.
  • Recognizing part of a prepayment as revenue.

Feel free to email if you encounter questions about the assignment.